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In this TOT service of fast transport system having this policy.

Fast Transport Service

Distance between two points (New Rewari (HR)- New Palanpur (Guj.) is 730 km . By road it takes time to cover 30 hrs. to 45 hrs. With TOT Service distance cover time reduce to 13-15 hrs.

Time management

(including loading and unloading), which lead save time of 17 hrs- 30 hrs, increasenos of trips between two points, enhance efficiency of driver and life of truck etc.

Health Safety

Given long hours on the road, increases health related issues in truck driver like fatigue, sleeplessness, obesity,backache, joint and neck pain, problematic sight,breathlessness/breathing issues and stress.

Fuel and Pollution

Carriage of road truck will reduce diesel consumption, air pollution and noise pollution. Reduction in consumption of Diesel reduce transportation cost and reduce carbon footprint.

Provide door step

Providing Door to Door service to the rail customers for very long leads. Elimination of multiple handling No Tolls barrier , RTO barrier and less document burden Fixed Cost for entire journey.

Ignore Road transport

No Fuel No Engine Running.Saving diesel fuel will save the country's import bill. Ro-Ro Service is daily service so count of trips of truck can increase to 10-45 in 10hrs which was not possible in road transportation.

Major work excuted

working details of ssk devicon service table

Principal Employer Year of execution
Rosa Power Supply Company Limited 2010-2012
Rosa Power Supply Company Limited 2014-2015
Rosa Power Supply Company Limited 2015-2016
Vidarbh Industries Power Limited 2016-2017
VedantaLimited (Jharsuguda) 2017-2018
VedantaLimited (Jharsuguda) 2018-2019
Rosa Power Supply Company Limited 2017-2019
Nabinagar Power Generating Company Limited 2018-2019
Hindalco Industries Limited (Singrauli) 2019-2020
NTPC Limited ongoing
Jindal Steel & Power Limited ongoing
Jindal Power Limited ongoing

Scope of work

working details of ssk devicon service table


Business Segment Transportation & Material Handling or Mechanical handling of coal, aggregates &other materials


Experience in Transportation & Handling of Coal & other materials through RCR Mode or otherwise. Supervision and liasioning with coal companies and railways Quality control & shortage minimization of Coal.


Capability to extract over 40,000 tones per day and also Capability to transport over 50,00,000 tones per annum .The ro-ro ferry is able to carry 600 passengers, up to 2,630t of vehicles and 3,330t of freight trains, still maintaining a service speed of 21 knots.


Materialization of Linkages & FSA. Evacuation of BOBR & BOX-N Coal Rakes Operations and maintenance of CHP O&M of stacker –Reclaimed & associated mechanical, electrical HT/LT, C&I/PLC system



working equipment of ssk devicon service table

s.No Name of Equipment Quantity Model
1 Excavator 2 L & T PC-200 Komastu
2 Excavator 2 Tata Hitachi-200
3 Excavator 2 Hyundai Excavator
4 Rock Breaker 2 DBM-210 Rock Breaker
5 JCB Excavator 4 JCB
6 Compressor 2 LG Compresso 150/150
7 Compressor 2 DTH-LG Compressor 1100/300
8 Dumpers/Hywa 120 TATA,Ashok Leyland FM300 &FM400
9 Toyota Fortuner 2 Toyota
10 Scorpio 3 Mahindra & Mahindra

route of ro ro service

market cover betwen two states and facilites of fast transport service

MARKET cover

Market cover

New Palanpur will serve the traffic originated from the industrial hubs of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bhuj,Mundra, Kandla, Ghandhidham and Surat.

On the other hand

New Rewari will serve the traffic originated from the industrial hubs of Delhi NCR, Agra, Ludhiana,Haridwar,Rudrapur, Panipat, Maneshar, Sonipat Rohatak etc.

Features & Facilities of Service.

Driver and helper

• Daily Service from New Rewari and New Palanpur Terminals.
• One complete meal for Driver and healper, Hygienic amenities at both point
• Complete protection from Road hazard, High Speed 45 Wagon.

Facilities of Super fast transport

• the prime mode of transportation for freight and passengers in India.
• Railways also make it possible to conduct multifarious activities like business,sightseeing, pilgrimage along with transportation of good over longer distances.
• Apart from an important means of transport the Indian Railways have been a great integrating force for more than 150 years.
• Railways in India bind the economic life of the country as well as accelerate the development of the industry and agriculture.

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